Between 1945 and 1970s, most exhibitions featuring American Art took place in Paris, London, and northern Western Europe

Welcome to the Triumph of American Art in Europe project!


The ambition of this research project is to understand the diffusion of American art in postwar Western Europe through quantitative analyses and maps. It is the result of a collaboration between three Purdue University’s faculty members: Catherine Dossin (Art History), Sorin  Adam Matei (Digital Humanities and Brian Lamb School of Communcation) and Chris Miller (Geoinformatics). This project is part of ARTL@S, the digital atlas of arts and letters.

The present interface allows users to view the maps, zoom in on them, select artists or artworks, scroll through dates, and even create their own maps. It is thus a great tool for scholars, students, and museums professionals, who could use it as a starting point for their own investigations. Its interactive and stimulating design also makes it attractive to non-professionals.

The site is still under construction. We hope to launch it in late Fall. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and indulgence.